Connect with beneficiaries and hear their voice

GeniusFeedback is a software solution that provides organizations with an automated process and a variety of channels to receive beneficiary feedback.

Connect with beneficiaries and hear their voice

Genius Feedback

GeniusFeedback is a solution that allows organizations to automate, control and monitor their feedback handling activities and procedures. The system provides the beneficiaries with several channels to allow them to submit their feedback, including the mobile application, email, Telegram, WhatsApp, hotline and answer machines.

Channels & Integrations


Beneficiaries can submit their feedback cases to the GeniusFeedback Telegram Bot.


When a beneficiary sends an email with their case, the beneficiary's case is opened on the system.

Direct link

Use a web link to accept beneficiary cases with a customized form.

Mobile application

Beneficiaries can submit their cases to all organizations subscribed to the system through the mobile app.


Beneficiaries can submit their cases through Facebook Messenger.


GeniusFeedback integrates with your Kobo forms so that cases submitted through them are added to the system.

System Features

Accept feedback cases about any number of its projects. For each project, the organization can classify feedback cases by case types and a separate case owner can be assigned to each case type of the project.

System opens a case for each beneficiary’s feedback case. A case consists of: the answers that the beneficiary gave to the form questions of the case, and the correspondence between the beneficiary and the organization's staff.

A wide variety of access control options that ensure the beneficiary’s feedback case’s protection.

System offers a form designer that allows the organization to design the feedback case form as desired and in accordance with its accountability policies. Each field can contain text, images, videos, numbers, dates, among other data types.

When a case arrives in the system, a notification is issued and sent to the email address of the case owner to let them know of the arrival of a new case.

System enables discussions by allowing accountability officers and beneficiaries to post replies on the feedback case. A reply can include pictures, attachments, voice records and video recordings.

All case submission and handling functionalities in the system are designed to work offline and then sync whenever an Internet connection becomes available.

All case data is encrypted, access to data is restricted with multi-user and permissions, and connections between the mobile app and the web portal are secured with SSL.


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