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Gaziantep, Turkey

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We are looking for a talent account officer to join our team team. Account officer helps the account manager to manage the relationships with clients on daily activities, and provide the need support for the client.


  • Responsible for keeping current clients satisfied and delivering exceptional client service on a day-to-day basis
  • Prepare client payment request
  • Lead the client step by step to create the project
  • First level of support during create a project.
  • Coordinate with field officer to Print cards
  • Conduct a training for client on using GeniusTags products.
  • Coordinate with the warehouse to deliver or receive terminals / cards
  • Report for damage/stolen terminals / cards
  • Support client with the Change card request
  • Coordinate with the field officer to check the process on the ground.
  • Monitor and analyze customer’s usage of our product
  • Help customers through email, phone, online presentations, screen-share and in person meetings
  • Liaise between the customer and internal teams including technical and operational needs.
  • Prepare reports on account status.
  • Participate in weekly meeting with the account manager
  • Archive all client transactions and documents.
  • Monitor and analyze customer’s usage of our product



  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Business or a similar field.
  • Good communication skills
  • Can communicate in English
  • Good experience in technology
  • Keen attention to detail and adherence to deadlines
  • Able to maintain customer confidentiality.
  • Knowledge of customer service practices and principles
  • Ability to handle stressful situation appropriately
  • 2+ years of customer services experience with agency background desirable



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