An open initiative to the future

GeniusChain brings the blockchain technology to the humanitarian response, ensuring privacy, transparency, and reliability.

An open initiative to the future

Genius Chain

GeniusChain is an initiative for creating a blockchain-based platform for the humanitarian sector. GeniusChain brings increased privacy, transparency, and efficiency by utilizing the blockchain’s concepts of a Public Ledger, Accounts, Transactions, Consensus, and Decentralization. GeniusChain allows all actors to participate and integrate their own tools and applications into the platform.


Anonymity and Privacy

Despite having all transactions openly available and accessible, the identity of all parties, including beneficiaries, donors, INGOs, local partners, suppliers, is completely anonymous. Those stakeholders are represented as Accounts in GeniusChain. Identities can be known only to the parties that are authorized by the stakeholders.

One Place for All Data

GeniusChain aims to provide tools which enable the stakeholders to record their activities on the platform. This capacity spans across all functions including finance, procurement, programs, operations; all stakeholders (such as donors, INGOs, local partners, beneficiaries, etc.) and all sectors (such as FSL, WASH, Health, Education, etc.). This opens the door for tremendous collaboration among all stakeholders on the platform.

Transparency, Availability and Accessibility

All operations and activities created by all stakeholders on the GeniusChain network can be made openly and publicly available and accessible. Whether the operation was procurement of goods and services, distribution of humanitarian aid, provision of funds, and even audits or monitoring activities.

Distributed Ownership

The GeniusChain platform belongs to the community that operates on it. This means that no single entity can control its direction or operation. Furthermore, various actors on the platform can extend it with their own applications, tools and activities. They can also integrate their existing systems with the platform, making it easy and effortless to connect and enjoy the benefits of being on the platform.

Reputation Protocol

GeniusChain preserves the credibility and trustworthiness of the data stored on it by implementing a Reputation System. The System awards credits to Accounts that are trusted, making the Transactions made by those Accounts credible and accurate. Accounts earn credits in a variety of ways, including: auditing and beneficiary confirmation of aid receipt.

Transaction History

All transactions on the GeniusChain, once created, are stored forever. This enables effective and efficient auditing and monitoring activities on a large scale. Furthermore, having openly accessible data on all humanitarian work all over the world provides rich content for efficient project design, planning, implementation and coordination.

Decentralization and Neutrality

There's no sole owner for the data created and stored on the GeniusChain platform. That data is stored and verified on nodes in the network in a decentralized way, where each node has a full copy of the data. This means it is impossible to alter the data, ensuring high confidence and neutrality of the data.

Beneficiary Feedback

Since all beneficiaries can have accounts on the GeniusChain, they can interact with the chain directly. This helps get beneficiary feedback on all operations, including opinions, suggestions, and complaints.

GeniusChain White Paper

We are working to finalize the paper, please register your email to notify you about it.

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