Humanitarian technology research

Humanitarian Technology Research

We believe that there is so much room for improvement in the humanitarian framework. That’s why, we are always trying to consider challenges and problems that we come across and we try to utilize our knowledge and expertise in technology to propose effective solutions that can help overcome those challenges.

For that, GeniusTags tries to be an active proactive member of the humanitarian community, bringing together humanitarian actors to discuss their challenges and collaborate on proposing solutions. GeniusTags regularly surveys humanitarian actors and organizes focus group discussions for them to address their issues and share experiences and best practices.

We take the outputs of those events and analyze them to propose effective technology solutions for any problems we come across.

Research Methodology


GeniusTags' team of engineers meets with the client and understand their needs. The team creates a Requirements Specifications document.

Implementation and testing

GeniusTags' development team builds the software system. Each component that the team builds undergoes several stages of testing.

Piloting and training

Piloting is where the production use of the newly developed software starts. GeniusTags offers training, minor changes, and guidance in that period.


GeniusTags' engineering team designs the software system's internal architecture and functionalities that will be built. The team creates a Software Design Specifications document.

Deployment and maintenance

When the team completes building and testing the system, they deploy the system for production use on the client's hosting service of choice.

Providing simple technology solutions that alleviate the challenges facing humanitarian work

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