Software Development

Software Development

GeniusTags utilizes cutting edge technologies to deliver advanced and high-quality software solutions to help our clients achieve effective and efficient use of their resources and overcome their technical challenges. Our company adopts a structured and process-oriented approach to providing its customized software development services.

Development Methodology


GeniusTags' team of engineers meets with the client and understand their needs. The team creates a Requirements Specifications document.

Implementation and testing

GeniusTags' development team builds the software system. Each component that the team builds undergoes several stages of testing.

Piloting and training

Piloting is where the production use of the newly developed software starts. GeniusTags offers training, minor changes, and guidance in that period.


GeniusTags' engineering team designs the software system's internal architecture and functionalities that will be built. The team creates a Software Design Specifications document.

Deployment and maintenance

When the team completes building and testing the system, they deploy the system for production use on the client's hosting service of choice.

Hosting options

GeniusTags offers multiple hosting options. You can host your system on a cloud account managed by our DevOps team, or yours. You can also deploy your system on a third-party hosting service of your choice, or on a private server. Whatever option you choose, GeniusTags is committed to deploying your system on the hosting service and carrying out all the necessary deployment testing activities to guarantee that your system is up and running and ready for production use.


For systems that are planned to start small and then scale up, we use the latest JavaScript technologies (React, React Native, Node.js, Document DBs) to ensure that the system is dynamic, affordable and has a short time-to-market. For enterprise systems, we use the C# .NET Core stack, which is Microsoft’s advanced framework for building complex enterprise systems. Our systems are optimized for cloud hosting and are designed and built for scalability, reliability, and performance.  

Agile projects

If you have a project idea, but you’re not sure what the exact features that you need are. Moreover, if you think your system is going to have lots of tweaks, changes, updates, and improvements during development, GeniusTags can develop your system as an Agile Project, which allows you to have a great level of flexibility in deciding on the system features at any stage of building your software project . Further, agile projects don’t require a commitment form you; this means that you can cancel, modify or postpone planned features at any time, without having to pay for them or the changes you make on them.

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