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GeniusTags is a software solutions company that was founded by entrepreneurs with a long experience in the IT and humanitarian sectors. GeniusTags aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the public sector by providing innovative technology and software solutions.
GeniusTags has several products which add a great amount of value and quality to the work and services of humanitarian and other public organizations.

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Sales Assistant Job description

The Sales Assistant is instrumental in supporting the sales team with the ‎identification, tracking, and management of sales and tender opportunities, ‎related to the company’s services and solutions. This role also involves updating ‎sales management systems, helping to prepare tender documentation, ‎participating in relevant meetings, and assisting in the delivery of technical and ‎financial bids.‎


  1. Assist in researching and identifying relevant sales opportunities and ‎tenders, which are in line with the company’s services and solutions, using ‎specialized websites and platforms.‎
  2. Input data relating to sales opportunities and tenders into the sales ‎management system.‎
  3. Record details of finalized contracts into the sales management system.‎
  4. ‎Aid in preparing summary reports on sales opportunities and creating lists ‎of necessary documents for tenders viewed as potential sales opportunities.‎
  5. ‎Assist in the initial preparations of files and documentation required for ‎submitting to identified tenders.‎
  6. Participate in internal and external meetings, contributing to meeting ‎minutes and related task and activity lists.‎
  7. Help in submitting technical and financial proposals, as well as relevant ‎documentation for tenders or ongoing projects.‎
  8. Execute related tasks as directed by the sales team or sales managements.‎
Technical and Educational Qualifications:‎
  • A diploma from a vocational institute or a university degree in Economics, ‎Business Administration, International Trade, Accounting, or related fields.‎
  • Familiarity with the sales lifecycle.‎
  • Understanding of relevant terminologies in the industry.‎
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications.‎
  • Capable of drafting business correspondences.‎
  • Able to utilize the internet and search engines effectively.‎
  • Strong skills in listening, comprehension, and summarization.‎
Previous Relevant Experience:‎
At least six months of experience working in a commercial company or ‎establishment. ‎
Language Requirements:‎
Arabic – Primary language.‎
English – Good level of reading, writing, and conversation.‎
Turkish – Preferred, but not mandatory.‎
Turkish Nationality is required for this position 

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