Item Distribution

GeniusDistribution supports a wide variety of features for the setup, management control and configuration of item distribution projects, including the support for multiple projects, multi-type items and distribution scheduling.

Create several item distribution projects and manage and monitor them at the same time.

The system allows you to control and manage the distribution of all items, regardless of their types. Items can be commodities, cash, services.

The system offers a scheduling utility that automatically creates and generates distribution schedules that specify beneficiary names, items to be delivered, and delivery times.

A key feature of the system is allowing clients to carry out synchronized and fully controlled item distributions from multiple distribution points without having an Internet connection.


Beneficiary Management

Beneficiary Profile

A complete profile for each beneficiary/recipient stored on the system’s database.

On-site Beneficiary Creation

Create new beneficiaries while the distribution item is ongoing.


Receive beneficiary and staff feedback about any of the elements involved in the distribution activity.

Affordable Identification Cards

Generate standard Identification Cards for beneficiaries that can be used to verify their identity.


Send out notifications and announcements to beneficiaries via SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and Email.

Transaction Audits

Store information about transactions like fingerprint, signature, and photos to ensure and prove their legitimacy.


GeniusDistribution offers a wide variety of accessibility features, making it easy to use for people with disabilities and people with low literacy levels.


Color and Picture PINs

Beneficiaries can enter their PINs as color and/or picture combinations.

System Pictures

You can set pictures for items being distributed so that beneficiaries can recognize what they're approving for receipt.


Distribution steps can be read out by a built-in vocal reader to let beneficiaries know the steps they're completing.

GeniusDistribution is designed with advanced security features to ensure that beneficiary and organization data is always safe and protected.

Data Encryption
Data Encryption

All data is stored in the system’s central database and the database of each terminal device is encrypted with unique encryption codes.


Communications between the client, the terminal device, and the server is encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption.

PIN Codes
PIN Codes

Beneficiaries are required to provide their PIN codes upon each transaction to confirm their identity.

Multi-users and Access Control
Multi-users and Access Control

Allows creating an unlimited number of users with various permissions. You can customize the access permissions of each user to suit your needs.

Data Wipe
Data Wipe

Organizations can request the deletion of their data safely and securely from GeniusTags servers after the completion of their projects.

Data Management

GeniusDistribution is designed with advanced data management features, allowing greater control and flexibility in the handling of project data as well as the management and configuration of projects.

Custom Data Fields

Allows you to create additional data fields and add that information to the system. Each field can store text, numbers, pictures, and files.

Bulk Import

Add up to 15,000 records at a time. Bulk import is supported for beneficiaries, vendors, packages, and wallets.

Data from Other Projects

Importing all your data from the previous project to your current project very easily, while preserving complete isolation of both projects.

Data Export

You can export all the data you created on the system at any time, with a single click.

Search and Filter

The built-in advanced data grid view allows filtering any list of data records according to a certain search term.

Sort and Reorder

You can sort data according to any data field in ascending or descending order.

Data Grouping

Group data together according to one or more data fields for a more organized display of your data.


GeniusDistribution’s advanced report designer allows you to create any type of report that you may need. You can add tables of data, make Excel-like calculations, include data about beneficiaries, vendors, invoices, wallets, and systems. Reports can be exported in any of the popular formats, including Excel, Word, and PDF.


The system is developed in such a way that it can be extended with additional features and services as per the client needs. In fact, many of the features mentioned here are planned to be shipped in the form of plugins that are installed onto the system for them to be activated and used.

Item Tracking Plugin

Advanced real-time item tracking capabilities throughout your organization's supply chain, and distribution and storage points.


Stock Tracking

Track the inventory stock of all warehouses and distribution points registered in the system.



Track the item and its individual components across storage and distribution points.


Coding System

Automatically generate a unique identifier for items, item components, warehouses, trucks, shipping boxes, and pallets.

Offline Functionality

Offline Functionality

All system operations can be executed offline and then synced whenever an Internet access becomes available.

Beneficiary/Item Linking

Beneficiary/Item Linking

When an item is delivered to a beneficiary, the unique identifier of the item is linked with the unique identifier of the beneficiary.



The organization can choose to apply maximum control and monitoring in its tracking of items, or carry out minimal tracking.

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