CommCare is a leading case management platform that is widely used across NGOs in the humanitarian field for data collection and follow-up on beneficiary cases. If you have beneficiary and vendor data that you collected using CommCare, and, if your team has experience using CommCare for data collection, this integration will allow you to: 

  • Import the data that you collected with CommCare into GeniusVoucher, or vice versa. 
  • Maintain a connection between GeniusVoucher and CommCare to sync any changes or additions to the data of one system to the other. 
  • Carry out several functions of the GeniusVoucher system from within CommCare. 

Integrating GeniusVoucher projects with CommCare applications 

With this new feature, the GeniusVoucher platform allows you to integrate a GeniusVoucher project with a CommCare application, as follows: Connecting GeniusVoucher data records with CommCare case lists (e.g.: the collection of beneficiaries data records with a beneficiaries case list, vendors with a vendors case list), making each case on CommCare correspond to a data record on GeniusVoucher. 

This way, when a new case is added to a case list using a form in CommCare, a data record is created on GeniusVoucher for that case, and vice versa. 

GeniusVoucher functions that can be executed from within CommCare 

When a GeniusVoucher project is integrated with a CommCare application, you will be able to execute the following GeniusVoucher functions from within CommCare: 

  • Registration of beneficiaries and vendors. 
  • Activation/deactivation of beneficiaries and vendors. 
  • Perform beneficiary top-ups. 
  • Collect beneficiary feedback about each transaction. 

You can also do the following form within CommCare: 

  • View products 
  • View invoices processed by GeniusVoucher system. 

Template CommCare application 

GeniusTags and CommCare’s creator Dimagi, collaborated to create a template CommCare application. The template application contains the basic structure of case lists, case properties, and organizational structures that are needed for a complete and successful integration with a GeniusVoucher project. You can use that template as a base application that you can then expand and change to match your data collection needs, while at the same time ensuring that the application can be integrated with GeniusVoucher projects.  The template can also be used as a guide to help you make the necessary changes to your existing CommCare applications so that they can be integrated with your GeniusVoucher projects. 

Integration steps 

The integration consists of six steps, namely: Setup, Fixtures, Beneficiaries, Products, Vendors, and Organizational Structure. Please refer to the official docs for a more detailed description of the integration steps.  

In the Setup step, you will provide the credentials that GeniusVoucher will use to connect with your CommCare account and fetch data from it.  

In the Fixtures step, you will map GeniusVoucher data collections (such as units and categories) with CommCare fixtures (which are used as dropdown lists and lookup tables in the CommCare application). 
In the Beneficiaries step, you will map the data fields of beneficiary records to their corresponding “properties” of the case list that contains beneficiary cases in CommCare. 
In the Products step, you will map the data fields of product records to their corresponding “properties” of the case list that contains product cases in CommCare. 
In the Vendors step, you will map the data fields of vendor records to their corresponding “properties” of the case list that contains vendor cases in CommCare. 
In the Organizational Structure step, you will map the data of communities between GeniusVoucher and CommCare. 

For more information about the new Approvals feature, please  contact us. If you’re an existing customer, kindly talk to your Customer Representatives for instructions on how you can start using this feature right away. 

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