Vendor Management

Complete management and control for vendors and the items they sell.

Each vendor has a profile on the system that provides all their information, including their personal information, their sales, payments, and assigned terminal devices.

Organization can control and keep track of its liabilities to vendors as well as payments and reimbursements. The system supports generating detailed payment reports.

The system gives a wide variety of customization options in defining the items that will be distributed. Customization options include the item’s name, picture, unit, and category.

You can also set a fixed price for the item or define a minimum and a maximum price, as well as a minimum or maximum quantity that a beneficiary can buy.


Beneficiary Management

Beneficiary Profile

Provides all information about a beneficiary, including: their personal information, the top-ups made for them, their balance information, their purchases, and their assigned wallets.

Transaction Audits

You can configure the system to store the beneficiary's ID, signature, portrait, for each transaction it processes to prevent fraudulent transactions. This information is transferred and stored securely and safely and is accessible in real-time from the web portal for future reference.

Top-up Options

If you have recurring customizable top-ups, you can create top-up packages and use them to perform top-ups with a single click. You can also perform bulk top-ups for thousands of beneficiaries at a time. The system also supports performing a top-up for one beneficiary at a time.

Advanced security features to ensure that beneficiary and organization data is always safe and protected.

Data Encryption

All data is stored in the system’s central database and the database of each terminal device is encrypted with unique encryption codes..


All communications are encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption, which prevents middle-man attacks and sniffing attempts.

PIN Codes

Beneficiaries are required to provide their PIN codes to confirm their identity, preventing unauthorized transactions and fraud.

Terminal Device Locks

On termina devices, root access and ports are disabled, installation of apps is disabled, and application data access is prevented.

Multi-users and Access Control

Creation of unlimited number of users. You can customize the access permissions of each user to suit your needs.

Data Wipe

Organizations can request the deletion of their data safely and securely from GeniusTags servers after the completion of their projects.

Modalities and Multi-wallets

Modalities and Multi-wallets

The GeniusVoucher system supports all voucher project modalities. Its multi-wallets feature allows organizations to implement advanced and complex voucher projects, regardless of their modality.


These wallets are assigned a single item, the organization top-ups quantities of that item, and the beneficiary receives these quantities.


These wallets are assigned several items, the organization top-ups currency money, and the beneficiary buys the specified items with their money balance.


These wallets are assigned currency money, the organization top-ups the wallet with currency money and the beneficiary receives that money in cash.


Your project can consist of several wallets at the same time, so a beneficiary can receive quantities of items, cash, or buy prespecified items with their money balance.

Dashboards and Reporting

Monitor the implementation of projects in real-time and produce advanced automated reports in an easy, secure and effortless manner.

Project Dashboard

Information about the project implementation, such as the daily sales, the cumulative sales, and the geographical distribution of the voucher redemptions.

Products Dashboard

Information about the product sales made by each vendor. You can filter the dashboard by each product and each product category.

Vendors Dashboard

Overall sales by vendors as well as NGO liabilities towards vendors. filtering dashboard by vendor shows information for one or more vendors at a time.

Beneficiaries Dashboard

A listing of the project implementation locations and the number of beneficiaries, the total amount of top-ups and sales for each location.

Report Templates

A wide variety of report templates right out of the box. The templates include detailed reports such as: a report template about beneficiary invoices, and a report about vendor invoices.

Report Designer

Advanced report designer that allows you to create reports based on data from your project with Excel-like calculations, customizable formatting and letterheads. Reports can be exported in Excel, Word, and PDF, among others.

Data Management
Greater control and flexibility in the handling of project data as well as the management and configuration of voucher projects.

Custom Data Fields
Custom Data Fields
Create additional data fields and add that information to the system. Each field can store text, numbers, pictures, and files.
Bulk Import
Bulk Import
Ability to add up to 15,000 records at a time. Bulk import is supported for beneficiaries, products, vendors, packages, and wallets.
Data from Other Projects
Data from Other Projects
Import data from a previous project to your new project very easily, while keeping the privacy and isolation of both projects.
Data Export
Data Export
Export beneficiaries, products, vendors, invoices and wallets you created in the system at any time, with a single click.
Search and Filter
Search and Filter
Advanced data grid view that allows filtering any list of data records according to a certain search term.
Data Grouping
Data Grouping
When reviewing and analyzing data, you can group data together according to one or more data fields.

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