We are introducing the Multi-wallets feature for the GeniusVoucher and GeniusDistribution products. The Multi-wallets feature allows your organization to implement a wide variety of voucher and distribution project modalities. Thus, no matter how many components or elements there are in your project, you will still be able to manage and control it with the GeniusVoucher and GeniusDistribution features that you love. 

In this blog post, I’m going to provide an overview of what wallets are, and how to activate the multi-wallet capability for your project. 

What is a wallet? 

Wallets allow you to top-up and spend various types of things. There are three types of wallets: single-item, multi-item and cash. 

  • Single-item wallets are wallets that allow you to top-up an item and then the beneficiary would redeem their balance with units of that item. For example, you can create a wallet called Rice, and top-up 10 kg of rice for each beneficiary in that wallet; the beneficiary would then go to one of the accredited vendors and redeem their 10 kg of rice, over one or more transactions. 
  • Multi-item wallets enable the conventional voucher-based projects modality, where your organization can top-up money, and the beneficiary would redeem that money at one of the accredited vendors to purchase commodities from a list of prespecified commodities. 
  • Cash wallets allow you to top-up cash money, and then the beneficiary would redeem their balance for cash at one of the accredited cash agents. 

Any project can contain one or more wallets of any of the three wallet types specified above.  

Activating multi-wallet capabilities for your project 

In order to be able to use the multi-wallet capabilities for your project, you need to activate multi-wallets as well as the types of wallets you’d like to make available for use on that project. You can activate multi-wallets from the Project Wizard (when creating your project for the first time) or form the Edit Project Info page. 

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