The Transformative Impact of GeniusTags Products on the Health Sector:

The Transformative Impact of GeniusTags Products on the Health Sector: Efficiency, Security, and Innovation Table Of Contents I. Introduction A. Brief overview of GeniusTags and its missionB. Importance of technology in the health sectorC. Purpose of the article: exploring the impact of GeniusTags products on the health sector II. GeniusVoucher: Streamlining Aid Distribution A. Distribution […]

The Multi-wallets feature

We are introducing the Multi-wallets feature for the GeniusVoucher and GeniusDistribution products. The Multi-wallets feature allows your organization to implement a wide variety of voucher and distribution project modalities. Thus, no matter how many components or elements there are in your project, you will still be able to manage and control it with the GeniusVoucher and GeniusDistribution features that […]

The Approvals feature

When your organization has many staff members collaborating on a project, often times, you’d like to establish an approval mechanism, where key operations don’t get executed on the system without the approval of one or more staff members. An example of those operations is top-ups; experience showed that top-up operations require the approval of several departments (e.g.: finance, procurement, and programs), before they are […]

Integration with CommCare

CommCare is a leading case management platform that is widely used across NGOs in the humanitarian field for data collection and follow-up on beneficiary cases. If you have beneficiary and vendor data that you collected using CommCare, and, if your team has experience using CommCare for data collection, this integration will allow you to:  Import the data that you collected with CommCare into GeniusVoucher, or vice versa.  Maintain a connection between GeniusVoucher and CommCare to […]

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